PACE is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization

Thank you for considering being a part of Pudiyador and helping us provide the children better oportunities! There are different ways you can donate to Pudiyador:

  • Online donation using Paypal

    To make a one-time donation in the US

    To make a donation outside the US

    To provide a steady source of support

  • Send a cheque to Pudiyador, India:

    (Use if your bank is in India)
    Make check to: Pudiyador Charitable Trust
    Send to:
    Pudiyador Charitable Trust
    14, Giri Nagar, Ramapuram
    Chennai 600089

  • Send a cheque to PACE, USA:

    (Use if your bank is in USA)
    Make check to: PACE
    On back of check under "endorsement", write: PACE - For deposit only
    Send to:
    Bank of Ann Arbor
    Attn: Natalia Pelava
    2601-A Plymouth road
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
  • All contributions will be sent in full to the Pudiyador centers in India.

    Here is what $20 a month does for one child in one month in Pudiyador:

    • Helps create a safe and stable environment for learning and growth
    • Provides at least one balanced, nutritious meal every day
    • Secures complete medical coverage for the child and the parents through insurance
    • Pays for education and supplies and goes towards providing additional academic help
    • Engages the child in the extra-curricular activity/ies of his/her choice such as yoga, theater, dance, martial arts, music, sports, arts and crafts
    • Affords the child with hands-on learning tools through instructional trips to the museum, zoo, planetarium, book fairs, etc.
    • Affords career counseling and vocational training

    Have questions about donating? Please write to

  • All our donations are processed using PayPal's secure server. Paypal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX credit cards.
  • Although PACE reserves the right to use contributions at our discretion, we would be happy to honor your wishes if you would like to direct your donations towards any particular costs. Please indicate this in the comments field on the Paypal page.
  • PACE will issue a receipt for your donations/subscriptions at the end of the year.