Pudiyador Overview of Programs

Mission Statement

For the underprivileged children, Pudiyador will provide a safe, interactive, fun and hands-on learning environment.

Our education programs for the children will include:
  1. after-school academic help
  2. Co-curricular activities that provide exposure to art, theater, music, dance, and sports
  3. character building through interactions with various role-models, story-telling and theatre workshops; individual counseling; awareness about social and environmental issues, etc.
The aim of these programs is to nurture the unique individuality and natural intelligence of every child; encouraging them to grow into confident, sensitive, and responsible adults who will become positive role models for their respective communities.

For the children to truly benefit from the Pudiyador experience, and in order for them to apply their learning and experiences in their everyday life, we believe it is important to create a favorable environment not only in Pudiyador centers, but also outside of Pudiyador, as much as possible. For this purpose, Pudiyador will: (a) help sensitize the underprivileged adults (including parents, teachers, community leaders and other community members) through various awareness, counseling and self-help programs; (b) help provide access to basic healthcare and well-being for the children and their families.

While Pudiyador would like to do all of this for all the people in the community from the start, it may not be feasible due to resource constraints. We will follow a process that involves the following groups:
  1. Primary school children
  2. Adults in the community (not just parents whose children attend Pudiyador)
  3. Teachers in local government schools that the children attend
  4. Middle school children
  5. High school children
The primary focus will be on groups (1) & (2) simultaneously, closely followed by (3). Once the community is stabilized and more resources are available, we will expand the focus to include (4) and then (5).

Such a simultaneous approach will create a strong foundation for Pudiyador to become integrated with the community and empower the community internally, rather than as an external agent forcing change.

An essential component for the long term success of Pudiyador is to make every center (in each community) self-sustaining over a 5-10 year period. Every center will function as an independent chapter with its own administration, management, staff and volunteers. All powers and skills to manage and successfully run the Pudiyador center must be transferred to local community members over a 5-10 year period, so that future generations of the community continue to reap the benefits of Pudiyador.

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