Pudiyador Overview of Programs
Playquity is a pudiyador project that aims to build equity through play using mixed-gender ultimate frisbee. The 3-phase progressive model inverts prototypical gender roles in rural communities in India, creating spaces to give girls "first access" to resources through a sport-based platform that builds strength, skill, knowledge, confidence and leadership; girls are then tasked with recruiting and coaching boys to their level, and then forming mixed-gender teams to participate and compete. The progressive model starts small, building on each previous self-contained stage, serving as a base for next stages. By the 3rd stage when boys are recruited, Playquity’s girls are adept at sport-skills and leadership-skills including strategy, problem-solving and communication.

3-phase model includes:
Training girls to be spirited athletes
Connecting game skills to life skills
Girls as community leaders and change-makers

The girls excel in all areas of sport (athletic/skill/tactical/strategic), and lead the mixed-gender team with exemplary communications, conflict-resolution skills, and community relations. Girls and boys learn to work and play together with mutual respect, forming lasting bonds and friendships. The community-at-large undergoes a transformational experience leading to more gender-equitable perspectives in contexts beyond sport. There’s more of this at playquity.org

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