Women’s Empowerment

Women are often silent pillars of our communities. We work to strengthen them and to ease their burden by:

  • Providing them training and employment opportunities at Pudiyador
  • Most of the teachers at Pudiyador are chosen from our communities
  • Organizing “women only” events once a month
  • Activities, workshops, and discussions help women develop confidence and a strong network of support while taking their minds off the daily grind (...just for a little while)
  • Conducting routine health checks and workshops
  • It is critical to ensure that women - who often neglect self-care - are provided every opportunity to keep up their good health


Community Development

Empowering the community as a whole is the eventual goal of Pudiyador. We do this primarily through children, teenagers and the women, but we also work directly with the rest:

  • Family support is crucial for the functioning of Pudiyador
  • We work closely with parents and grandparents to ensure that our collective purpose is being realized and they embrace the Pudiyador way of treating children well
  • School teachers and principals are not in touch with the communities
  • We hold regular meetings with teachers and principles of our children to align our goals and learn from each other
  • The communities can be disconnected from the lives of their children
  • We hold events to bring the entire community, not just families, together, with a focus on the community men who are often overlooked or feared but not treated with kindness

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